Marcelo Brazzi


Marcelo Brazzi was a spacecraft engineer on NASA’s Apollo program
and a computer science instructor at California State University. He
holds a master’s degree in systems engineering from the University of
California and has traveled extensively through Europe, Asia, Africa,
and South America. Among his accomplishments are ascending Mount
Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest and photographing total solar eclipses
around the world.
Now retired from engineering, he is involved in managing his real
estate investments, writing, and spending time with his grown children
and his grandsons. He is the author of the new book The Liberal
Record: Everything You Need to Know. Brazzi lives on the beach in
Southern California.
The Liberal Record: Everything You Need to Know, ISBN 9781796035148 (Paperback) $13.45, ISBN
9781796035155 (Hardcover) $29.99, ISBN 9781796035131 (ebook) $3.99, 2019, Xlibris, 202 pages,
available on Amazon.