Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys


Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys music falls into a few different genres of
rock / alternative / pop tinged punk & also adult contemporary.
Below i have included a few links of our music videos & to our sites for
your consideration in this instance.

The music catalogue is presently broadcasted via numerous radio & TV
networks worldwide & we would love to hear your thoughts for music review /
on the band or for possible feature by Rock Thiz Magazine & if there is any
further information that you require please do let me know.

*An introduction to Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys:*

The best way to start off a few top press accolades:
“You guys are the sound of a new world rock music scene” *V1 Music –

While the album release ‘CASHOLOGY’ creates a springboard to a vast array
of variability & captures the attention of a global audience.
“The vocals are excellent, the sound is huge, without being overly
bombastic. Their overall approach is not a million miles from the musical
dexterity of Alice Cooper.” *Only Aus Music – Paddy – AU.*

“Where on earth have these guys been hiding out over the years??? Mark
Cashin & The Lil Hussys have delivered one of the finest rock albums to
surface out of Australia in a long time. After just one listen to
‘Cashology’ you will be realizing that these guys really do deserve to be
on a world stage. This is rock music at it’s best!”
*Subculture Media – David Griffiths – AU. *

“It’s not often that a band comes along that is so tight musically, each
instrument working off each other perfectly to make an awesome sound. Then
you add Mark’s incredible voice into it and a truly epic sound is born!
It’s only a matter of time before these guys get signed and start doing
world tours!” – *Epic Radio Director – Dave Brady – AU*

“Ordinary People, Black & Blue and California are some of their stand out
tracks – their charisma & talent seem to effortlessly combine to create
these infectiously catchy & dynamic rock songs. They bring back the sound
of rock” Just Another Radio – UK

Performing with some of Australia’s most iconic musicians as:Richard
Clapton, Mental As Anything, The Choirboys 30th Anniversary Tour, Phil
Emmanuel & Ross Wilson to kick off 2012 & upcoming with Dragon plus
securing residency for May 31st – June 28th at Hard Rock Cafe Sydney all
adds to an incredible resume of artists / venues for MC&LH.

Described as fresh high energy rock act delivering a powerful essence in
their live performances & evolving as one of Australia’s finest rock bands.
It’s not surprising there is a 3rd album due for release in 2012, an
Australian tour on the table & international touring in the pipeline.

Having x2 full length albums ‘Bed of Light’ & ‘Cashology’ in
circulation worldwide and x3 music videos gaining radio & TV airplay
globally the band is dynamic & material is fresh & tuned to a sounded
niche with a global audiences attention.

Their 2012 chart ranking on reverbnation MC&LH hold their status at no# 1:
Local NSW Region Chart Ranking: Rock (genre) & no# 9: Australian National
Ranking: Rock (genre) however sit at No# 56 Nationally under all genres.
(The top 10% now thats cool) – While their music is also classified as
indie/ alternative/ pop / classic rock/ adult contemporary as well.

Online link:

*Music videos debut on TV networks worldwide:*

*Ramifications LIVE from album launch CASHOLOGY *
*(also featured on MOGO China)

‘Hollywood’ (latest single 2012)

‘Ordinary People’


The music from both albums is all available via iTunes & never shared
socially as a free download unless approved prior.