Mark Tullius


Mark Tullius

Mark Tullius, former MMA fighter and popular writer of several fictional and nonfictional books. Tullius is author of Bright Side, a thriller novel published in 2012 by Vincere Press, and Repackaged Presents, a collection of short horror stories. Now Mark Tullius has written another sure hit. 25 Perfect Days is a glimpse into what could happen if the world is being driven toward a totalitarian state. It shows a path to dystopia; the downward slide into food shortages, water contamination, and collapsing healthcare. It begs the question of whether this is where we are headed, and portrays the devastating and terrifying consequences if the answer is yes. Mark Tullius has experience in no holds barred fighting and boxing, and is also launching a nonfictional book about the world of MMA fighters, called Unlocking the Cage. His fictional work explores the dark, the mysterious, and the frightening. Mark Tullius knows how to make fiction feel real, and in the midst of today’s chaos, this author insightfully observes the dangers people are facing in reality. 25 Perfect Days can be read as a warning—an attempt to prevent civilization’s spiral into complete mayhem. The subject of this novel and its carefully constructed parallels to real life make it a perfect source for opening dialogues about the real problems needing to be addressed, and Mark Tullius is the man to facilitate discussions. Among other topics, Tullius would be able to offer your listeners insight and opinion on topics such as:

Mark Tullius is the author of fictional thrill Bright Side, short story collection Repackaged Presents, and traveled across the country to interview MMA fighters for his book Unlocking the Cage. He is currently working on editing an anthology of short stories written by MMA fighters. He began cage fighting in 1998, tried a professional career in boxing in 2000, though he gave up fighting in 2004 due to injuries. He has been an explorer through writing ever since. Mark Tullius is proud to be a husband and father as well as author and former fighter.
Date Recorded: 9/23/2013

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