Matt Anderson, author of Running Mate


Matt Anderson, author of Running Mate (political fiction)


Matt Anderson, author of Running Mate (political fiction) Following the story of presidential hopeful Governor Maurice Franklin, Running Mate features a modern-day return to the original founding of our nation. After inviting his opponent, Senator Kathleen Dorsey, to serve as his running mate, Governor Franklin hurls the presidential campaign into a frenzy. After initially dismissing the offer, Senator Dorsey reconsiders and later accepts, sparking an unprecedented national dialogue and a campaign unlike any America has seen. As tempers flare and political views clash, the candidates find themselves in a fight for both their political lives and for the revolutionary words penned in Philadelphia more than two centuries earlier. Matthew M. Anderson envisioned the story in Running Mate, his debut novel, during the 2008 presidential election. A former history teacher and lifelong student of American history, Anderson reflected on his experience as a pastor and marriage counselor, and the visions for a bipartisan presidential partnership established by the founding fathers, as a way to change the face of today’s political climate. He received his BA in Social Studies and History Education from Concordia College and Masters in Divinty from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN. Anderson is the son of Minnesota House Representative Paul Anderson and is the proud husband of Lacee and father of three children. Connect with Anderson at or @runningmatebook on Twitter. For more information, please visit

Date Recorded: 9/5/2012

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