The Mrs. is an all-female band that can rock out with the best of the chart-toppers. While the ladies love today’s pop hits, they no longer can relate to the lyrics of first love, life in your 20s, or waiting for a boy to “call me maybe.” The Mrs. are on a mission to bring music to the airwaves that grown women can relate to. Their adventures as mothers, wives and girlfriends are just as song worthy, except when they sneak out at night, there’s usually a sitter involved. For more information, visit

Andra Liemandt – Founder, Drummer, Vocals
Mandy Prater – Guitar Vocals
Jennifer Zavaleta – Guitar, Vocals
Jenny Mason – Bass, Vocals
Larissa Ness – Keyboard, Vocals

Meet The Mrs. a new, all-female rock band with an empowering message, a hit single, and a mission to help women change the way they see themselves when they look in the mirror. The band is made up of five women, all in their 30s and 40s, who came together to write and perform songs they could relate to but weren’t hearing on the radio — songs about real-life experiences and challenges as mothers, wives and friends, rather than lyrics of teenage heartbreak and gone-wild nights at the club.
Turns out they weren’t the only ones!
Their first single “Enough” encourages women to stop beating themselves up and start feeling good about themselves – just as they are. To bring this message to life, The Mrs. came up with a talking “magic mirror” to help women realize what they think of themselves when they see their reflection. They brought the mirror to a local mall and the results were astounding.
Take a peek at their video that went viral with over 4.5 million views, and witness how the magic behind the mirror becomes a compelling reminder of what women often forget when they see their own reflection: