Mehrnoush Yazdanyar, Esq.


Allow me to introduce you to an incredible woman – an entrepreneur in the legal field in a highly unique (and self-created) niche that allows her to help wronged individuals most Americans never think about, or who they have been conditioned to hate from decades of propaganda: Mehrnoush Yazdanyar, Esq. Ms. Yazdanyar is an Iranian born U.S. citizen who works within Iranian-U.S. relations from a legal and humanistic perspective. I’m hoping you would be interested in doing a profile or interview with her about her fascinating work and story.

Mehrnoush Yazdanyar, Esq. has dedicated her 10+ years of legal practice to helping Iranian-Americans and Iranians in the United States live on the equal terms promised by our Constitution, yet which are very often denied and outright violated by the U.S. government.

Ms. Yazdanyar has been involved with several high-profile cases, including the broadly publicized acquittal of accused “spy”, Dr. Sirous Asgari, who was wrongfully persecuted, deported and slandered by the U.S. State Department. Dr. Asgari was detained for months (and contracting COVID while in prison), before being utilized in a prisoner swap with Iran. Ms. Yazdanyar also works with individuals and nonprofit organizations, including Moms Against Poverty, to help charitable aid navigate the barriers imposed by the State and the Office of Foreign Assets Control. Through this, and her family ties in Iran, Ms. Yazdanyar is witness to the humanitarian costs that sanctions and other acts of economic or physical warfare take on the largely innocent populace of Iran.

Ms. Yazdanyar was born in Gorgan, Iran and moved to the United States at the age of 3. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a B.A. in Political Science and a Minor in Near Eastern Languages. She obtained her J.D. from the University of Southern California’s (USC) Law School in 2004. Ms. Yazdanyar started her own private practice in 2009 based on the philosophy that an attorney is an advocate with the fiduciary duty to protect the rights and well being of his or her clients. For the past 10 years her firm, Yazdanyar Law Offices, has diligently defended the rights of their clients and assisted them with navigating the often complex and ever-changing U.S. sanctions and immigration laws.