Michael Druxman


Druxman is very show-biz oriented, having been a top public relations exec
in California for over 40 years working with the stars and top actors and writing several best-sellers while doing PR…he was also a playwright of note

his latest book looms as a likely movie in the near future, but everything takes time
and lots of effort…ask him how things are going in that direction and what actors might he like to see play the key characters…since the book deals with comedians ask him who his favorite comedians have been through the years

although he has been living in Austin, TX for the past several years he still keeps his pulse on what is happening in Hollywood these days…ask him about the current Weinstein
film mess and about other film execs being accused of sexual harrassment…he has
strong opinions on these issues and what should be done to give Hollywood a better image these days

you might like to check his website under his name…he does have quite a background in PR and as an eminent writer…ask him whether an author can achieve success in Hollywood–without living in Hollywood, like he is doing in Austin, TX…or should an author definitely reside in Hollywood to have a better shot at success
reaching the silver screen

what advice does he have for writers just starting out?