Mr. Hawed Nabi MWM. B.Sc


Mr. Hawed asserts the historical significance of the tribe of Ephraim in Afghanistan as one of the 10 lost tribes of Bani Israel, supported by compelling archaeological evidence found in Herat province.

Mr. Hawed shares the challenges and breakthroughs in his mission to educate Pashtuns in Australia, Afghanistan, and Iran about their Bani-Israeli roots, confronting controversy and misinformation.

Mr. Hawed delves into the animosity faced by Bani Israelis, regardless of religious affiliation, attributing it to ignorance and jealousy. He emphasizes the need for education and pride.

Mr. Hawed envisions a unified nation of Bani Israel and discusses his role in promoting education, awareness, and pride among Pashtuns, fostering unity under one ideology and mission.

Exploring the goal of building the third temple, Mr. Hawed outlines key steps and the peaceful manner in which he plans to accomplish this, highlighting its significance in the coming of the Messiah.

Mr. Hawed bravely discusses the perception of enemies of Bani Israel, defining them as potential threats to survival and existence, drawing parallels to historical events like the Holocaust.

Proposing strategies for peace, Mr. Hawed advocates for the unification of the 12 tribes, believing that strength and survival lie in unity under one ideology, with war as an option if necessary.

Mr. Hawed details plans for exercising his birthright to gather and unify the Nation of Bani Israel, emphasizing the role of experts in educating the world and Pashtuns about their responsibility.

Mr. Hawed advocates for collaboration and cooperation between Jewish and Muslim Bani Israelis and shared blood, ancestry, and a common historical mission.