Ms. Bo Lebo


Why weather is great to study with the Earth Observer app….or other STEM smart phone or computer devices:

​example–Episodes on Madame Secretary, the News, the drive to make school exciting and relevant and now being home bound

​What are you up to?

working to take Musical Linguistics and R is for River online. learning how to learn software and about servers, storage, email and correspondence. Launching medical information for covid 19 to help children, families, and health care workers.

Where can we find programs and books we’ve heard about or may be available by zoom or online for later this summer? Write me at or if invited back I will ask if you and your child might want to do citizen science with our students or learn about it with me and give me your feedback for piloting our program to be fun, useful, easy and forwarding while we are in shut down for adopting medical resiliency, automaticity, health literacy, earth observation, math, science, numeracy, new vocabularies and new ways of problem solving.

We are launching our butterfly silver jewelry and a new book by Cliff O’Connell about living in these times through a cli fi narrative soon to be an Ebookstogo offering moved back the release date.

We want everyone to operate a kinder gentler self-image and courtesy as a Social Emotional resource and patience building while being sequestered, wearing masks and social distancing.

Where are you working?

At home. On the computer. When I can and learning from others on zoom.

What’s next?

Working with national and regional/local educational standards and California State University to serve communities with new programs, products, and tools. Exploring how we can work with a chocolate farm in Ecuador and a retreat/therapeutic working farm in Fermanagh with Pasco equipment and GLOBE protocols to teach about canopy, clouds, soil moisture…planetary geography and stewardship.

Working with words, science, brain based learning and my urban community kitchen garden to test out ideas in the Urban Heat Island Effect across Los Angeles and with kids that are up for scholarships and sponsorship in 2021. Trying out my digital heat thermometer from here with children who can now join our program.

Please write me or call if you’d like to join us or if we can bring drawing lessons and tree canopies together with student observations, drawings or ongoing short short learning sessions.

Finding ways to serve the underserved using the school district and Governor’s support for equity, matriculation, tutoring, and support this summer for children of essential workers and students that want to read, study, experiment, have pen pals or adopt trees, worms, composting or drawing, typing and imagining.