Ms. Clarice Chan


you’ll be hooked up with a dynamic guest, a visitor to the U.S. from Singapore who speaks perfect English (after all, English is one of 4 languages spoken in that country)

she’s the dynamic personality, Ms. Clarice Chan, author of an international best-seller, “Your Fortune in 2016,” dealing mostly with Chinese astrology and numerology…welcome, Clarice, to our show

I understand you just spent this past weekend in Los Angeles at the grand Conscious Life Expo where you had a booth for your books and you completely sold out…first, tell us a bit about the Expo

now, tell us about your latest book.”Your Fortune in 2016,” which has so much good info about astrology and numerology…is the Chinese approach to these two fields different from the American aspects?

I know you’ve written about 10 other books…what are the biggest sellers and what do you educate us on?

tell us about Singapore…do you grow up there? Are you heading back there this week or will you take in a bit more around the U.S.? What do you like most about the U.S.?

Tell us about Feng Shui since you are a master in this field…how does it help us?

Does what you teach and write about really improve relationships, help us make more money and further our career? How so?

What about tarot sessions? How did you get involved?

What about this year–will it be good for everyone world-wide?

What about the upcoming years?

What’s the best advice you can give us?

When will you return to the U.S. from Asia?

How can we get your latest book?

Keep up the good work…it’s most challenging