New Black 7


New Black 7

New Black 7

The New Black 7 is country music, that’s a fact, but these guys are breaking the rules! The music is energetic and catchy; it’s honest and true; it’s sad and melancholy. It’s everything that great country music should be but there’s more to it than that…The New Black 7 is what you would get if Steve Earle, Hank Jr., Jason Aldean and Dwight Yoakam had a bar-room brawl with AC/DC, Van Halen, Cheap Trick and The Beatles. The band owes as much to the rock realm as they do the country world. No one can reinvent the country music wheel but The New Black 7 are definitely throwin’ on some new tires along with a new paint job and a fuel injector too! This music still feels like the country music we all love but like we’ve never heard it before; powerful, energetic and real. The NB7’s music challenges us to have a good time, raise a little hell when the opportunity presents itself and to not be ashamed to let it all hang out once in a while… but the music also inspires us to cherish what’s real in life, to do what we feel is right and to be better people when the going gets tough. It’s meant to take you away from your cubicle, away from your expensive coffee shops, away from that boss that keeps telling you what to do and transport you to a happy place; a place where the beer is cold, where the sun shines and the breeze blows across the fields in the afternoon, where the nearest thing to a traffic jam is getting caught behind a tractor on a county road. The music will take to you a place where time moves just a little slower and the people are a little kinder. This is the place where Friday nights are for goin’ to high school football games and partying with old friends and Saturday afternoons are for relaxing, fishing and sippin’ cold ones on the river. The New Black 7 promotes the good things in life! These guys have loads of talent and are making great music together and it’s easy to see and hear that but they also have something intangible; something real; they have heart. A little bit of heart goes a long way today! These guys have earned their stripes by paying dues and building a grass-roots following and they are ready to take it to the next level! They know how to deliver songs with catchy melodies and hooks that you can’t help but hear in your head long after the song is over. They have a knack for hitting the points in life that we can all relate to: love, lust, loss, pain and everyday life. This music is for the people!When you hear this music coming out of the jukebox, it’ll knock you off your barstool and then help you up and buy you a shot! Give it a listen, go ahead and press that play button and let yourself go for a bit. Roll the windows down and turn the stereo up. You’ll understand what The New Black 7 is all about.
Date Recorded: 10/4/2013

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