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EDUCATION/POLITICAL ANALYST: Sandra Mae Lee, is a GOP political analyst, former school teacher and author of the new 2020 election book, Dear Donald: Four More Years!


Dear Donald: Letters From A Loving Deplorable.


Sandra Mae Lee

Donald Trump has changed my life. I love writing. I’ve always written songs, poems, stories, articles, and plays. “The Donald” inspired me to write my first book. This man has held my attention captive for the last several years. I am not just listening, I am driven to listen, watch and observe every political and personal move. Why? Do I care more about my country than I ever have? I do.
I reminisce about politicians who would urge their voters to do the right thing for the sake of their children and grandchildren. I listened to those pleas and could not relate to them before I had children of my own. I am deeply concerned about the world that they are inheriting. I support Donald Trump’s vision for our country, but there is more. He has inspired something remarkable in me. He seems ageless and tireless as he moves forward. When I feel old and tired, I watch him and shake off those negative feelings and embrace what is young and strong in me.

I juxtapose my life experience to his and find treasures of awareness. He has a past that is imperfect. There are mistakes…big ones. There are failures and disappointments. He lets them go. He sheds them like old skins. He is holy in ways that I am not sure many can articulate. It is easy to magnify his sins, but he is quick to point out his many successes. I watch him forgive himself for his sins and move on embracing that forgiveness. His energy and light are not dimmed by regret or remorse. He is born again moment by moment and so he receives a blessing of renewal. I watch in wonder and I learn.

BOOK: Dear Donald: Letters From A Loving Deplorable.

BIO: Sandra Mae Lee has been writing all of her life. During her junior year at Skidmore College, Ms. Lee won a Mademoiselle Magazine fiction contest and then represented the college as a campus reporter for Mademoiselle. Sandra served as editor of school newspapers and yearbooks. She wrote lyrics for dozens of songs, some of which were recorded on Columbia, RCA Victor and Laurie Records. She received her BA in English from Skidmore College and her Masters in Visual and Performing Arts. She studied acting at The Actor’s Institute in New York City. She created, produced and hosted over four hundred television programs which aired to an audience of over a million viewers. Sandra taught English, Theater, Public Speaking, Acting, Film and Creative Writing. Most recently, in Ohio, she was the publisher and editor of The Women’s Journal.


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