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Did cell phone tower cause cancer outbreak at California school?

Cell phone safety innovator Norbert Heuser reviews new technology

for battling harmful EMF radiation emitted by wireless devices

There are an estimated 8 billion of them in the world. So, exactly how safe are cell phones?

“Don’t ask the cell phone companies — ask the 7 children and teachers battling cancer whose school has a cell phone tower erected next to the playground,” says Norbert Heuser CEO of IPC USA – makers of Protect Pro.

Heuser says according to published accounts, four students and three teachers at Weston Elementary School in Ripon, California have been diagnosed with various forms of cancer since 2016. The victims, parents, and local environmental groups blame the cancer on a cell phone tower erected on the school playground for which the school district receives $23,484 annual compensation. The wireless company says their tower is operating within federal guidelines.

For years wireless companies and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have denied any correlation between cell phone radiation and cancer. But after a $30 million dollar study completed in November of 2018 by the US National Toxicology Program, it was confirmed that cell phone radiation was the direct cause of cancerous tumors in male rats. Failing to mention the newly clinically-proven cell phone/cancer connection, the CDC instead chose to encourage cell phone usage by stating on their website, “It is also important to consider the benefits of cell phones. Their use can be valuable in an urgent or emergency situation – and even save lives.”

Tasked with ensuring the health and safety of Americans, it is troubling that the CDC continues to ignore the clinically proven dangers of cell phones and chooses instead to endorse them.

Here are some of the health issues connected to cell phone usage about which the CDC should be alerting all citizens of the nation and the of world:

Health Issues in Children

· According to research, radiation from cell phones is more easily absorbed by children than adults.

· A Danish study surveying more than 13,000 children found an 80% increase the likelihood of behavioral problems among children who use cell phones and whose mothers used cell phones during pregnancy.


· Research indicates that long-term cell phone users run a significantly elevated risk of developing glioma, a brain tumor that is often cancerous. The research discovers the tumors usually appearing on the side of the head favored during cell phone conversations.

· Long-term exposure to cell phone radiation is linked with a 60% higher risk of developing a condition known as acoustic neuroma, a benign brain tumor.


· Higher cell phone use linked with lower sperm quality.

· Cell phone use linked with erectile dysfunction.

Brain/Neurological Health

· Electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones alter brain tissue activity

· Mice exposed to cell phone frequencies exhibited impaired memory and hyperactivity.

In basic terms, a cell phone is a small microwave oven with the door open. It’s an uncontained source of microwave radiation that you’re putting next to your head.

Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming. The accumulated clinical evidence of sick and injured human beings, experimental evidence of damage to DNA, cells and organ systems in a wide variety of plants and animals, forms a literature base of well over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies.


· do not allow children to use cell phones.

· do not use cell phones near infants

· keep the phone away from your head… use the speaker phone feature

· don’t store the phone on or close to your body

· keep call duration to under two minutes

· keep your phone turned off when not in use

· don’t use the phone in confined spaces like automobiles

· don’t allow the construction of cell phone towers in your neighborhood.


A cell phone requires an electromagnetic field (EMF) in order to work, i.e., to make calls and transfer data. Companies that advertise products that reduce or block a cell phone’s EMF signals are misleading, as one cannot communicate on a cell phone when its frequencies are being blocked. A new technology for processing EMF radiation is now commercially available as “PROTECT PRO.” The device, smaller than a credit card, does not block harmful electromagnetic frequencies but instead converts them to frequencies that are “body friendly”.


Heuser says consumers must remain vigilant in the face of the new mobile communications network 5G being rolled out in select areas of the US. 400 times more powerful that 2G technology (which started the era of digital radio in 1992), the new network will bring more speed and data capacity to the consumer, but will also affect the health of every citizen including the more susceptible members of the public: babies, pregnant women, the elderly, the sick, and electro hypersensitive individuals. When 5G is spread in the public domain we may expect more of the health effects currently seen with RF/microwave frequencies including many new complaints of physical pain and a variety of neurologic disturbances.


1. It was recently reported that seven students and teachers at a California elementary school developed various types of cancers over the past 3 years and petitioned the school district to remove a cell phone tower that was erected near the school’s playground. Why are cell phone towers being allowed near school playgrounds?

2. The percentage of scientists worldwide that believe cell phone use is harmful is growing. What evidence has come forward to make them agree that cell phone radiation is a hazard?

3. Cell phones have been described by researchers as small microwave ovens with an open door that we carry around all day. Is that an adequate metaphor?

4. What health problems are developed or triggered through cell phone usage?

5. What are some workable strategies for minimizing exposure to cell phone radiation?

6. To block harmful radiation encountered often experienced during cell phone use, companies are offering radiation “shields” and “blocking” devices. Why are these typically not very effective?

7. You divide all frequencies into two types. Tell us about the two types.

8. You say that a device developed by you and your team, the Protect Pro, can effectively turn harmful EMF signals to a type of frequency that is completely “body friendly”. Tell us about it.

9. Where can listeners find out more about the dangers of cell phone radiation and learn about the Protect Pro technology?


Norbert Heuser is CEO of IPC USA, the developers of Protect Pro Technology. He is a cell phone industry watchdog and has been actively engaged in the research, design and manufacture of products that shield the human body and other living things from the harmful, invisible effects of electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies.


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