How will America and the world remember Barack Obama?

According to retired Army General, Chaplain James Hutchens, Obama’s horrific nuclear arms deal, recently concluded with Iran, will be responsible for a coming Middle East nuclear war that will cause countless deaths and bring ruin and chaos to a stunned world.

Speaking in his latest online video, “Obama’s Legacy of a Nuclear Holocaust,” Hutchens traces the history of this diplomatic disaster, a treaty that he refers to as a “catastrophe.” As details of the plan emerge, we are discovering the treaty requires 24-day notice of pending inspections, and that US scientists will not be allowed to participate in them. The agreement is so bad that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu predicted it would give Iran two paths to the bomb…one, over time, if they keep the agreement and one, more imminently, if they cheat on it.

In addition to fueling a Middle East nuclear arms race, Hutchens exposes Iran’s plans to use much of the treaty’s $150 billion cash windfall to resupply terrorist groups desiring the destruction of both Israel and the United States. Of course, the biggest threat to world peace, according to Hutchens, is the prophesied prospect of a nuclear war of Biblical proportions starting in the Middle East, one in which 1/3 of mankind, 2.3 billion human beings will die. And Hutchens believes the seeds of that holocaust have now been planted through the fatally flawed document between America and Iran that now awaits ratification and implementation.

However, all is not doom and gloom. For Christians, Hutchens pictures a glorious future in which we will rule and reign with our Savior, Yeshua Ha Moschiach, for 1000 years. For free access to General James Hutchens’ latest video message, “Obama’s Legacy of a Nuclear Holocaust,” we direct you to his website at TheJerUSAlemConnection.org


James M. Hutchens is President of The JerUSAlem Connection, International and editor of the foremost Christian Zionist online magazine in America, The JerUSAlem Connection Report. www.thejerusalemconnectionreport.us. This is the go-to site for all things Israel viewed from a Biblical standpoint.

Dr. Hutchens is on a mission to keep God’s purposes for Israel and the Jewish people a continuing, visible issue for all to engage. He is on the forward edge in the battle area of informing, educating and activating America’s Christian community on issues related to Israel from a Biblical perspective.

From his military experience, Dr. Hutchens is well acquainted with the concept of “Mission.” He came to faith in Christ as an enlisted paratrooper under the ministry of his unit chaplain. After college and seminary, he returned to the Army as a chaplain.

Dr. Hutchens was decorated for personal bravery in Viet Nam, including the Purple Heart, as the first chaplain wounded in Viet Nam. He served with the famous 173rd Airborne Brigade, and later with the celebrated “Green Berets.” Dr. Hutchens retired from active duty in 1994 with the rank of Brigadier General. His personal account of service in Viet Nam, “Beyond Combat,” tells of his experience as a combat chaplain in Viet Nam.

Dr. Hutchens was ordained to the ministry in 1962 and has served, concurrent with his chaplain duties, as a church planter and senior pastor for over 24 years. His wife, Patty, is an exhibiting artist and professor at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. and the Northern Virginia Community College system. The Hutchens have three married children and twelve grand children. The Hutchens tell their fascinating story of a life-long love for Israel in their book “Guilty: Keeping God’s Covenant of Love with Israel.” The “General” now brings his military leadership skills and pastoral devotion to duty to accomplish the mission of The JeruUSAlem Connection International. (TJCI)

TJCI serves as an advocate for Christian Zionism. It stands as one with Christians worldwide who are in agreement with what God’s Word says about Israel. As Christian Zionists, TJCI supports the modern State of Israel as the partial fulfillment of God’s covenant promise to provide a national homeland of the Jewish people. Through its Operation Aliyah, TJCI has helped bring more than 80,000 Jews out of the former Soviet Union back to Israel. Dr. Hutchens, and the TJCI team, believe God’s future focus will be on the 6.2 million Jews in the Americas. TJCI’s Elisha Fund brings food, shelter and medicine to countless impoverished and needy Israelis – its Operation Life for Israel provides aid and comfort to victims of terror and supports sanctity of human life endeavors throughout Israel. Taking bombed out Bus # 19 from Israel around the USA helped to confront the anti-Semitism of Islamic Jihadist terrorism. For further information on these programs please go to our “Projects” page.

Rather than “replacing” or “superseding” Israel and the Jews as the covenant people of God, Dr. Hutchens sees Christians as having been “engrafted” into the family of God and thus joint-heirs of the covenant promises of God. He believes TJCI is called to restore an appreciation of the Hebrew roots of Christianity. He seeks to encourage all believers to wait with expectation “for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.” These projects and purposes are carried out with an attitude of extending mercy because of the mercy we have received in Christ. [Romans 11:30-31].

The JerUSAlem Connection. Int’l is bold to believe we follow in the distinguished tradition of the “men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” We believe a Christian’s perspective on what God is doing in Israel is a vital key to seeing the big picture of God’s plan and how he is operating in the world today. With this perspective, Christians have a sense of urgency to be used by God as never before. TJCI encourages you to be a part of living out that sense of urgency as a result of having a Biblical perspective on Israel.

Under Dr. Hutchens’ leadership, The JerUSAlem Connection’ Int’l stays current on all the issues regarding the Middle East and Israel on a daily basis and keeps an ongoing update through “The JerUSAlem Connection Report” online magazine.