Olympia LePoint 9/1/2021


Hailed the “New Einstein” by her fans, and named the “Modern Day Hidden Figure” by People Magazine, Olympia LePoint is an award-winning rocket scientist,  author and TED speaker of the talk “Reprogramming Your Brain to Overcome Fear.” LePoint helped launch 28 NASA Space Shuttle missions into space. Today, LePoint’s Mission Control Room desk is a science exhibit at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.  In her youth, Olympia LePoint overcame severe poverty, traumatic experiences, plus failing math scores by reprogramming her mind, which led her to graduate Top 5 from a 6,500 graduating class with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mathematics.

As an internationally recognized scientist, LePoint helped launch NASA’s Endeavour, Discovery, Columbia, and Atlantis Space Shuttles, part of a career total of 28 Space Shuttle Launches. She won The 2004 Boeing Company Professional Excellence Award, and The 2003 National Engineer of the Year “Modern Day Technology Leader” Award. LePoint has gained numerous engineering awards.

With her new book and her award-winning Answers Unleashed® educational science book series, LePoint discusses how human decisions can alter the course of time and how science and technology will change the course of our future.  She is an author and science journalist who is exposing how science can provide answers for the future through her News stories, her educational books and live + virtual lectures at universities and global technology forums.