Pam Oakes 7/7/2020


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Tired of being bamboozled at the repair shop? According to the US Department of Transportation (DOT), consumers lost approximately $20 Billion in bogus car repairs. This was 40 years ago. Fast forward to the 21st century: High retirement rate of seasoned technicians, newbies who lack the proper training and the ever-changing advancements toward the autonomous vehicle. The uneducated consumer is in big trouble. So, how do you defend yourself, your wallet at the repair shop? Find Me Auto Help is your fix! You don’t need to know which end of the screwdriver to use to understand this consumer guide that reveals “what goes on” in the bay. It explains how consumers can protect their auto budget by dodging over-zealous service advisors, steering clear of big store service quotas and how to keep track of your vehicle services – all in layman’s terms. It’s a must-have guide before your next auto center visit. About the author: National award-winning SME automotive professional Pam Oakes is into her fourth decade within the industry – and, she’s just about seen it all when it comes to consumers dealing with car care. Some good. Some bad. So, she thought it was time to update her 2011 “Car Care for the Clueless” book and glovebox guide and help vehicle owners, help their most important investment they will ever make: their car and truck.