Pavlina Osta


Who is Pavlina?

It was a cool January morning on the sandy beaches of Daytona Beach when Pavlina lugged her steel drums and started to perform. People passed by the eleven year old, her hair whipping around from the ocean breeze of the Worlds Most Famous Beach. Bikers listened to the Caribbean beat, small children stopped to watch someone their age play 2 big pans and tourists slowed their walk to listen.

It was different, It was original. It was Pavlina.

So began Pavlinas performances. Over 100 performances later, in a matter of 10 months, Pavlina has established herself as a professional entertainer in Florida. Pavlina has been a dancer for over 6 years. Competitions all over the country and a closet lined with Platinum place and overall trophies later, she wanted more and traveled to New York City four times last year for dance intensives and discussions with the professionals. Broadway Dance Studio, Chelsea Studios, Alvin Ailey Studios and more, where shes worked with some of the best in the field. November 2008 she auditioned for and was accepted to dance and sing in the Macys Parade. While in NYC that month, she auditioned early for the Joffrey & ABT summer programs and was accepted. Pavlina attends Orlando Ballet 4 times a week, 5-6 times a week if theres a production going on with rehearsals.

Pavlina started her own radio show, Pavlinas Kidz Place this year, when she
Was only 11 years old. Its a radio show about kids and empowering kids. She interviews celebrities and kids who are making a difference. In the coming months, Pavlina, will be in the recording studios with Billy Chapin(NSync, Backstreet Boys and Lizzy McGuire ) and will be recording her songs. Not a stranger to recording studios, she recorded songs last year in Orlando with one music video and another music video currently being shot in Orlando.

Civically, Pavlina is over the top. She holds a bronze medal in girl scouts and currently working on her silver medal. She completed the YMCA jr. lifeguard program and is CPR,AED, first aid and rescue certified. Pavlina has attended city council meetings asking for mandatory spay and neutering. She regularly assists animal groups through donations or through performances. September 2009 she performed in Tallahassee on the state capital for National Recovery Month.

This April 2010, Pavlina will be a Page in the House of Representatives in Tallahassee for one week after being sponsored by a Florida Representative. Pavlina has been recognized by Daughters of the American Revolution as an outstanding citizen and the American Cancer Society for her contributions to Relay for Life events.

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