Peter Starr – BGE presents


author of a forthcoming book, “Prostate Cancer: Why We Get It and What To Do About It” he himself is a prostate cancer survivor–he wants every other male to survive the cancer without surgery, drugs or radiation JAMES, PLEASE CHECK OUT ON YOUR COMPUTER: www.SURVIVINGPROSTATECANCER.ORG–gives us a lot of info about the problem and what a great job Peter Starr is doing to help all of us it’s an amazing story, a film by an amazing man, Peter Starr, that every male should see prostate cancer is the #1 cancer for males, just as breast cancer is #1 for females…Peter draws many similarities between the two cancers, just ask him to talk about the parallels between the two ask him about his personal story, how he got started in his native Great Britain, how he was stricken with prostate cancer in 2004–and why he’s writing his helpful book…consulting with many doctors all over the world and speaking to many groups, including the Cancer Control Society in Los Angeles males, no matter how young, he feels should be educated on ways to survive prostate cancer… his book is bound to be an international best seller once it is released…he believes in natural healing to help avoid impotence, incontinence and most importantly the return of cancer