PJ and Jim Jonas


The American Dream is alive and well on an Indiana Farm: Dad of 8, Jim Jonas, helped his wife PJ build a farm-based business to thriving success as Goat Milk Stuff turned from PJ’s hobby making natural soaps with milk of their then two goats, into a thriving success with scores of goats and a bigger farm. Each of their 8 children (7 to 18) help in age-appropriate ways by milking goats or assisting in the farm office.
The Jonas family was profiled by Oprah Magazine (http://tinyurl.com/7xxnkeg), The Doctors (http://tinyurl.com/bo68s2u) and Huckabee (http://tinyurl.com/q3xyx2a) among others.
As Father’s Day approaches (June 21) I suggest an inspiring interview with Jim Jonas, whose wife PJ started making natural soaps for her children with milk of two family goats. PJ sold soap at a at a local fair to earn for household expenses, then Jim soon joined full-time and Goat Milk Stuff (www.GoatMilkStuff.com) took off with customers around the USA and world. Jim, a former school teacher and executive, and PJ, formerly an engineer and then stay-at-home mom, homeschool their alphabetically-named children. Jim and PJ won Indiana’s top entrepreneur award, and PJ PJ was elected Leading Mom in Business by StartUpNation two years ago.