Podcast: 3/26/2020


Every Disease Known To Man Is Caused By Blockages In the Lymphatic System. This book reveals the truth of this statement with unknown facts and secrets that will surprise the reader. The Lymphy charactor, illustrates the Lymphatic System from Radiant Health to Death, plus all states of deterioration and Lymphatic blockage sources. The cause of Cancer is revealed with illustrations and the Formulas for Life and Death. This book clearly and powerfully demonstrates how the reader can take back the power of their health and well being. The Fountain of Youth is revealed and how to activate it along with, how our thoughts, feelings and observations create our health and how this occurs in simple plain easy to understand language. The reader will be able to know what state their Lymphatic System is in and what can be done regardless of the state of deterioration. Knowledge Is Power and this is a book that divulges the ancient and present science necessary for the reader to make informed choices and decisions that will benefit them and their loved ones.


Peter Rosenberger is the host of the national radio program, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER and the author of several books including 7 Caregiver Landmines And How You Can Avoid Them. He’s cared for his wife, Gracie, for more than 30 years through her 80+ operations and multiple amputations. www.hopeforthecaregiver.com @hope4caregiver