Podcast: 4/11/2017


I have quite a story of first starting out my life as a radical liberal Student for a Democratic Society (SDS) democrat back in the early 1960s after being exposed to numerous liberal professors in college who were extremely against the Vietnam War.

After college, my life spun out of control while working in the music business for 15 years until I got arrested for cocaine possession. It saved my life and through that experience I became an on-fire spirit-filled Christian with very conservative ideals and morals. Wow! What a transformation!

I’ve been a prison minister and drug rehab counselor for the last 35 years along with writing 10 books.

Please check out my bio if you are interested in additional background information: http://www.martyangelo.com/biography2.htm

I know there is an interest for my story, especially with our country being under a substance abuse seize, over-crowded prisons and rehabs and radical college students who are going down the same roads I travelled for years.

There is real hope for the world: I believe a man/woman can change through God’s grace, mercy and love.

If you’d like a different slant for one of your radio shows please feel free to contact me. My life is an open book.