Podcast 5/4/2016


“Ascention” is an Irish Thrill Ride

**The Latest Adventure from Top Selling Author Bob Pierce**

(Tampa, FL) –The newly released Ascention, The Fight for the Throne of Éirin is steeped with Irish heritage and history. It’s a fast-paced page-turner filled with action, intrigue and adventure.

When the High King, the Rí Ard of Éirin is murdered and a plot is unfolded to kill his daughter, the one and only rightful heir, steal the throne and take control of the powerful and shadowy Lámdearg, Gennivere O’Neill is suddenly thrust into the center of a deadly confrontation that, if successful, would take her life and destroy the royal House of O’Neill.

Pytor Chichikov, a Russian Vory boss from America, hunts her across Europe and Asia while a covert office within Buckingham Palace who fears an Irish revolution puts MI-6 onto the hunt and traitorous members of the Lámdearg try to take advantage of what appears to be a moment of weakness; she cannot be certain of whom she can trust and must rely on her wits, her own resourcefulness and the help of a few unlikely and unexpected allies.

She had been a powerful and ruthless businesswoman working for her father before his death. Whenever she’d step into boardrooms anywhere in the world, strong men would tremble. But now she finds herself alone and needs to find that same power within herself to face the genuine life-and-death challenges that threaten her, to overtly exhibit that power — not just to defeat those who would see her swept out of the way — but to defiantly prove to her detractors, to the Clans and to the people of Ireland and the world her worthiness. To risk everything and fight for the Throne of Éirin. For the hunted to become the hunter.

Some princesses don’t wear tiaras. Gennivere O’Neill is a genuine role model for young women and an inspiration to anyone who finds themselves alone in this world. Come join in on this wild and witty ride that talks you into buckling your seatbelt!

About Bob Pierce:

Bob Pierce is a top selling Author and Publisher of several best selling titles through Bob’s Awesome Books. As a recipient of three Communicator Awards, he uses his storytelling talents to bring the suspense to his followers and his overflowing Irish Heritage to this, his latest novel.

Find more information on Ascention: The Fight for the Throne of Eirin visit www.amazon.com/Ascention-Fight-Throne