Podcasting Power


Podcasting Power

Award Winning Producer and Digital Media Expert
Niel J. Guilarte

Podcasting continues to strive. The medium allows for users around the world to tune into their favorite programs, on topics ranging from fantasy football to foreign policy, at any time of the day or night.

Whether it be business, news and current affairs, or even healthy eating, there seems to be a podcast to cover most topics. It as an art is growing, yet, surprisingly, many people still do not even know what podcasting is. Now there is a documentary, “The Messengers” that hopes to change this way of thinking.

Award Winning Producer Niel J. Guilarte uses his experience to discuss the art of producing and why podcasting continues to mold the future of broadcasting.

The Messengers: A Podcasting Documentary now sits on ITunes as the top 5 movie to release on Aug 22nd. Come view the trailer here: TheMessengersDoc.com.

Niel J. Guilarte
Director & Editor, Wildstyle Media Group, LLC
A seasoned, gifted video and audio producer, Niel has created award-winning films, and hosts his own podcast, All Things Post, which means that he gets what this whole project is really about.

Chris Krimitsos
Executive Producer, CK Productions
As the creative visionary behind The Messengers: A Podcasting Documentary, Chris is responsible for the overall vision, storyline, purpose and marketing of the movie, in addition to leading an amazing crew. He founded The Tampa Bay Business Owners, the Premiere Business Mastermind in Tampa Bay and has since very active in the world of media!