Political Analyst: Sandra Lee


Political Analyst: Sandra Lee has professional experience as a writer, producer and public speaker. She is the author of Dear Donald: Letters From A Loving Deplorable and advocates for conservative women in the United States.
“President Donald Trump took aim at Seattle again on Sunday, calling the leadership there weak and saying the “Fake News Media” purposely ignores the “radical Left takeover” in the city for political gain.”

“Does anyone notice how little the Radical Left takeover of Seattle is being discussed in the Fake News Media. That is very much on purpose because they know how badly this weakness & ineptitude play politically,” Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon.
“The Mayor & Governor should be ashamed of themselves. Easily fixed!”-Newsmax

In the six blocks seized by Seattle protesters, there was plenty of confusion this weekend as some seek to change the name of the self-proclaimed Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone to Capitol Hill Organized (or Occupied) Protest.
“This is not an autonomous zone. We are not trying to secede from the United States,” one protester, Maurice Cola, said Saturday afternoon in a video interview circulating on Twitter.

Some sidewalks showed chalk lettering featuring the new CHOP branding.

A group of people entered the perimeter Saturday carrying large American flags. A melee broke out and some protesters occupying the zone tried to rip the flags from their hands.-FoxNews