Preston Rendell is a 4 time award winning author


Preston Rendell is a 4 time award winning author.

“Room Full of Killers” is a book that takes place in Boston’s Italian North End where Mr. Rendell lived.

It’s framed around Gianni Valentino Romasco.

“It’s an adrenaline drenched look at boxing like none other and a white heat Italian love story.”

“Smoke comes off the pages in both the boxing and love scenes.”

It also involves the Italian Mafia and the crooked dealings in the boxing world.

It also has Mr. Rendell’s 3 generations of Italian relatives from Abruzzi, Italy with much humor, love, homemade elderberry wine, music, and much, much food.

So much food that you might gain weight just reading the book.

It’s the feel good book of the last 20 years.

One woman named Ruth Grim wrote a review on Amazon and said, “I wish the book didn’t end, it was so uplifting.”

The novel is 95% true and involves Mr. Rendell’s experiences in the boxing world.