Project Mars


Project Mars


“Don’t Hold Back, wears the band’s trademark heart on its sleeve.” – Ottawa Xpress “Polished, powerful, beautifully crafted hard rock the way it was meant to be played. The guitar work on this EP is outstanding and the first track in particular, “Push’N” is Canadian hard rock at its finest. We also have some great sounds coming out of the group’s song “Break Down (The Walls)”, which I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for some motivation in their day. Listen to this before you head out to work and you’ll believe you can accomplish anything!” – “To compare them to more well known bands, they have a Theory of a Deadman/Shinedown/Alice in Chains sound to them. Definitely worth checking out!” – “Don’t Hold Back is the first release from Project Mars and these guys are ready to take their place on the scene, they cleraly demonstrate it with this powerful beast…original material with interesting songs that should be played again and again. ” – “The vocals of Ron Henry highlight a band that puts heart in their music. They are going an extra step when it’s just as easy to bow down and sing about cocaine. I appreciate their passion and most importantly I appreciate their sound!” – “One of the perks of this job is being able to listen to the newcomers to the rock genre, and to see how a potential game-changing force got its start. That’s how we felt when we received the band Project Mars first EP, titled ‘Don’t Hold Back.’ Featuring a steady hard rock feel that takes modern rock up three notches, the six-track album is a testament to the emerging talent that is making its way to the rock and roll world…Project Mars has, in a sense, projected the kind of music that can kick your ass out of bed in the morning and drive you to achieve your goals. With such songs as ‘Push’N,’ ‘Hey!,’ and ‘Break Down (The Walls),’ this album is unique in every sense of the word. ” – Rock On Request Magazine “Project Mars sound really good as a modern hard rock band. They effortlessly blend their heavier rock with melody and clever hooks as on Push’N, Right to Know, and Hey!.” –

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