Randall Conrad Olinger


Sitting atop an old wooden ammunition box,

Randall Conrad Olinger plays a jambalaya

mix of country, blues, carny-rock and

metal, or as he likes to call it “hobo

honky-tonk!” A brand of music all his own,

crafted from old amps, loud guitars, and a

homemade foot drum held together by wires,

tires, and other household junk.

R.C.O. is a fearless soul from Denver,

Colorado, who’s played the street, rail,

and river bank, pub, bar and theater,

sharing the stage with local legends Munly

and The Lupercalians, as well as national

acts, such as Scott H. Biram, and William

Elliot Whitmore.

Randall Conrad Olinger always brings the

best with his honest, foot-stompin’ rock

music, straight from the heart.

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