Raye Mitchell, Esq


About Raye Mitchell
Raye Mitchell, Esq. is the founder of the New Reality Foundation, Inc., and CEO at the Winning Edge Institute Inc. She is a power and influence expert, attorney, author, speaker and activist. Mitchell is a member of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund network providing legal support for women and girls affected by harassment.

She has launched the #BeattheOdds initiative to help women, with a focus on young black women and girls, to create a B.A.T.T.L.E. PLAN, which is not a call to fight, but a negotiation tool called: best alternative to treacherous legal entanglements.

Her books include:
How Women Negotiate From a Position of Strength. Protecting Branding and Intellectual Property Rights
When They Go Low, We Go High: How Women of Color Master the Art of Persuasion to Win Big Battles
Invisible No More. Empowering Young Black Women and Girls to Rise-Up as Leaders