“First God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.” – Mark Twain

Guest Avail Lt Col (Ret.) Ray Moore

  • Director and Founder of Exodus Mandate and Chairman of PublicSchoolExit.com
  • The nation’s leading advocate of a mass exodus of Christian children from the government schools.

Topic: Public Education Failures

  1. Have Teachers declared war on students and their parents?
  2. Have teachers chosen to join professional sports, the media, higher education, and big corporations in a woke crusade against their own country and its traditions?
  3. Do public school teachers work not for their customers — i.e. students and parents — but for school boards, the government, politicians, and their unions?

In his 1962 book Capitalism and Freedom, Milton Friedman wrote:

If one were to seek deliberately to devise a system of recruiting and paying teachers to repel the imaginative and daring and self-confident and to attract the dull and uninspiring, he could hardly do better than to imitate the system of requiring teaching certificates and enforcing standard salary structures that has developed in the larger city and state-wide systems.

The traditional definition of socialism is “government ownership and operation of the means of production.”  Public schools are owned and operated by the government.  Our public school system fits that definition of socialism.  Socialism always fails, and public schools fail for the same reasons.

Society has no greater duty than educating each new generation. Leaving it in the hands of government is a horrible mistake.

If we can  grow K-12 Christian schools and home schooling up to 15-20% that may be enough to begin the final take down of public education. That idea would not have been contemplated by even some in my camp a few years ago but now is expressed often.

We need to abandon the myth of “reforming” our public schools and start educating people that our schools are no longer designed to produce productive and responsible citizens, but rather to produce agents of change in order to support the left’s goal of transforming America to a socialist police state.

“I’m sure Betsy Devos is a nice lady but I can’t think of anything she did which will have any lasting impact on our public schools.” – Lt. Col (Ret) Ray Moore.

Winning a school board position isn’t a cake walk. Unions have a grip on the process. Often, candidates are union members or their races are funded by union ­donations.

  • Efforts to reform their school districts have been fruitless and a waste of time, money and energy.
  • Even with the very few examples where conservative actually controlled the school board, their reforms were undermined and, as soon as they left office, they were repealed.
  • Over the last 100 years, education policy has been controlled by unelected education bureaucrats at both the state and federal levels.
  • The notion  of “locally-controlled” schools is a myth and there hasn’t really been any truly locally-controlled schools in generations.
  • There are thousands of state and federal mandates that control every aspect of education policy including  sex ed,  curriculum, academic standards, tenure, hiring, special ed, and on and on.
  • Our schools are essentially governed by thousands of leftist state and federal education bureaucrats that don’t really change regardless of what party may be in charge of the state or federal government.

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About Lt. Col. (Ret) Ray Moore

Lt Col Ray Moore

  • Director & Founder, Exodus Mandate
  • Chairman of Public School Exit
  • Retired Military Chaplain
  • Homeschooling Pioneer
  • The nation’s leading advocate of a mass exodus of Christian children from the government schools.
  • Author, Let My Children Go
  • Moore’s latest film, Escaping Common Core
  • Executive Producer, IndoctriNation.
  • Graduate of The Citadel in Charleston, SC

E. Ray Moore, Th.M., is an Army Reserve Chaplain (Lt.Col. Ret.), and veteran of the Gulf War I which he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. He is a graduate of The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, and Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana. He is president of the Board of Directors of Frontline Ministries, Inc., a Columbia, South Carolina, based ministry that focuses on promoting spiritual renewal in society and the church. He is director of the Exodus Mandate Project. He is chairman of the Christian Education Initiative (CEI), www.Christedu.org and www.publicschoolexit.com.

E. Ray Moore (Chaplain, Lt. Col. USAR Ret.), has served for over forty-five years in pastoral ministry as a campus pastor, a congregational minister, an Army Chaplain or Director of a Christian ministry. Additionally, he has served as a campaign consultant or staff for several major political campaigns, including former Vice-President Dan Quayle’s first Senate race in 1980, former Congressman Mark Siljander’s first Congressional race in 1981 and Pat Robertson’s Presidential Campaign in 1986 to 1988.

E Ray Moore - Exodus MandateDOCUMENTARY: ESCAPING COMMON CORE: Setting Our Children Free

A great new DVD to encourage Christian parents to remove their children from public schools and enroll them in the safe sanctuary of private Christian schools, home school, or online Christian education. It also explains the origins of Common Core and exposes the agenda of the Socialist worldview, the danger of it, and why Christians cannot participate in it. Click the link to learn more and order a copy!

IndoctriNation-book-mockup2INDOCTRINATION: THE BOOK

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By E. Ray Moore. American schools receive the highest funding in the world yet consistently rank near the bottom in mathematics, physics, and science. Despite the failings of public schools, more than 80% of evangelical Christians place their children in the public school system, exposing them to physical and moral danger on a daily basis. The Biblical instruction of our children may be the thrust that God could use to restore American society and revive the nation. A fresh obedience by the Church to its God-ordained role in education may be the catalyst for a new Great Awakening.


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