‘Anonymous’ Hacker Group Goes After ISIS


Written by: Alek Hidell

Every time I turn on the news, all I hear about is ISIS. I like to think I keep up with things and I’m still kind of bewildered by ISIS. So let me get this straight…Obama keeps with the deadline set by the Bush administration and withdraws troops from Iraq. The American people were sick of war and wanted out. Of course the opposition pitched their usual fit, but the deadline arrived and the troops came home. All of a sudden there is a new terrorist threat, ISIS, who goes around cutting people’s heads off and now 70% of the American public support going back to war. This seems a little too convenient to me. This reeks of the intelligence community’s touch. I find it amazing that people are so willing to jump back into military conflict after suffering war fatigue for the last decade. The war has achieved nothing tangible for the American people and has only thrown the country into further economic turmoil. Once upon a time war meant a booming economy. Not anymore. The military industrial complex grinds on at the expense of the soldiers who give their lives for an ideal which doesn’t appear to be shared by their superiors.