Researching Fiction


Antoinette Kuritz firmly believes that whenever a door closes, it is because we are poised to open
As a lover of written words and the authors who wrote them Antoinette taught 5th grade through
high school. A toxic injury in 1991 led her out of the classroom and into a bookstore – where she
went in short order from bookseller to event planner and developed a reputation among authors

that soon led to her becoming a literary publicist. Seeing the changes coming in the publishing
industry, she added book developer to her resume and soon thereafter founded the La Jolla
Writers Conference. Now in its nineteenth year, the conference has been called by Writer’s
Digest one of the 84 conferences in the country worth the money. Simultaneously, she also
hosted Writers Roundtable radio show for eight years, has been the Book Lady on KUSI-TV
Good Morning San Diego for 20 years, and created Nightstand Press.
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