Ilya Katz

Ilya Katz is a former political refugee from the Soviet Union who is now a citizen of the United States, who warns about the impending return to Socialism in the former Soviet Union and Obama’s current path toward enacting outright Socialism in The United States.

During your interview, Ilya Katz shares his bewilderment as to how on earth Americans are discarding their heritage of American Exceptionalism to embrace a proven failure: Socialism and a new USSA made in the ideological image of Barack Obama.

Mr. Katz is able to discuss any breaking political news topic ranging from taxes to immigration to constitutional issues and gun rights.

The following is a self-described summary of who Ilya Katz is.

Statement by Ilya Katz:

My name is Ilya Katz. I am a political refugee from Soviet Union, a former professor, director, journalist and speaker.

I was one of the millions of slaves forced to build Babylon’s Tower of socialism.

Personally, I prefer the Pisa Tower of Capitalism: it leans but doesn’t fall.

In the Soviet Union, I was awarded the most honorable award – ten years in Siberian hard labor concentration camp because my sense of humor did not coincide with the sense of humor of the Soviet rulers. I was a good sniper with my satirical aphorisms. I could hit the brains directly through the eyes. I was a freedom fighter, prisoner of conscience and today I don’t have any desire to be a prisoner of nonsense and therefore I created a two book series called Obamasutra: Illustrated – a book of 1200 truthful aphorisms and 120 sharp cartoons.

The main topics of my speeches and my writing are satirical Americanisms vs. rotten SOSialism.

A satirist tries to awaken common sense among the public and conscience among politicians.

I came to America 35 years ago and pursued my right of happiness as a part time professor at Loyola University, Columbia College, and Central YMCA community college. I lectured on social and political topics concerning socialism and a way to endure in a totalitarian society. As a result, I was considered one of the most notable speakers in the Chicagoland area.

Let us consider it an American success story!

I was also seriously involved in Ronald Reagan’s campaign. My recently published book of political aphorisms “Obamasutra Illustrated” is a satirical “KATZSCAN” of our politics and my act of responsibility and contribution to the struggle for freedom and prosperity of our country with respect to the great man, eternally alive Ronald Reagan.

Long ago I stepped on the path of war with political idiotism and now have no intention to wash away my war paint.

It is not recommended to look into the muzzle of the loaded gun but you can try – by opening “Obamasutra”.

“Obamasutra “is a happy marriage of truth and humor.

I have unique experience of both worlds: world of slavery and world of freedom. I fought for freedom. I earned my American citizenship. And today, I am proud to be retired, but not retarded –concerned American.

Very important point: despite the fact that I am a political scientist, I am using as my professional tool, very sharp humoristic aphorisms on many topics, such as economy, health care, immigration, freedom, international affairs, etc. My program can not only deliver enlightenment but also entertainment.

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