Richard K


Richard K
We believe in being upfront about what public relations really means. PR is about creating a platform for your product(s)–whether the product is you, your book, your brand, your business, or a combination thereof. From a public relations perspective, our role is to help our clients take their developed brand, position, and/or product(s) and provide the opportunities and guidance to raise your profile, introduce your expertise, and introduce product(s) through media, speaking engagements, lecture series, social networking, etc. Our job is to provide you with services and opportunities for you, to help you mold your messages, develop your platform, and translate that platform to the general public. While STRATEGIES is a PR firm, PR is only truly effective when it is choreographed; it needs to be done in conjunction with marketing and well timed with specific aspects of the business development process in order to be fully effective. Likewise, all PR/marketing efforts should be completed in consideration of an overall business model. Unlike traditional PR firms, we are unique in the sense that we have a comprehensive knowledge of the entire book development process and book industry, as well as that of the marketing and PR process. Likewise, unlike an agent, distributor, book packager or distributor, as we do not profit based on methods of publications, so our guidance is completely unbiased and in the best interest of our clients. For the purposes of your project, we can simply supply PR, or we can work directly with you on all aspects of the development of your image, your product(s), your brand, and your ancillary endeavors. We certainly recommend and prefer to take this more complete approach. Here is a brief list of some of the PR and marketing activities and services we offer: Public Relations & Marketing Timeline Radio Interviews Local/Regional TV National TV Awareness Media Training Website Review/Development Consultation Blog Development Blog/Article Placement Amazon Reviews ARC Book Review Submissions Post Publication Review Submission Market-Specific Reviews Educator Campaigns Bookseller Awareness Campaigns Independent Bookstore Campaigns Specialty Bookstore Campaign Media Segment Development Media Content Development Online Marketing Blog & Social Network Interactive Campaigns Specialty Market Sales Bookstore Events Direct Market Events Blog Review Campaig Date Recorded: 10/14/2013

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