Richard Kuritz 4/15/2016


About Richard Kuritz:

Richard Kuritz Is a Political Scientist, Writer, PR Strategist and Carpenter.

He is an unapologetic New Yorker who transplanted his tribe from the NY tundra to San Diego

sunshine over three decades ago.

His background includes finance, construction and elected office.

Currently, Rich works as a Media Relations Specialist, bringing experts to media around the


Richard’s independent perspective on America crosses party lines and is anchored in common

sense and the Constitution. His efforts have locked horns and forged agreements with local,

state, and federal agencies: plowing new earth in the area of effective and reasonable use of

government authority. For him, America means calluses on your hands, not your heart.

Rich resides in the San Diego sunshine with his high school sweetheart, has 3 self- supporting

children, 4 grandchildren, and too many books-in-progress. His commentary is found in columns,

national magazines and on radio across the country.

UltraViolet, a feminist advocacy organization, is demanding that immediately stop

selling Donald Trump’s line of menswear. CEO Jeff Bezos must “reject Trump’s sexism, racism and xenophobia,” UltraViolet

said in a statement sent to The Daily Caller.

“Despite Donald Trump’s sexist, racist comments, Amazon is promoting and profiting from him

and his brand,” an UltraViolet online petition explains.

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“Trump is inciting violence at his rallies and spewing vitriol that white supremacists like David

Duke love. So why is Amazon continuing to support the Trump empire?” the petition asks.


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“Many of us use Amazon, and the company has responded to our pressure before over the

selling of sexist products,” the petition also observes.

“Tell Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos,” the final line of the petition urges: “Stop selling Trump products.”

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“Last year, Macy’s cut ties with Donald Trump’s brand after the Republican front-runner called

Mexican immigrants ‘rapists,’ derided and objectified women by calling them ‘bimbos,’ ‘fat pigs,’

and in one case, “’a young and beautiful piece of ass,’” UltraViolet’s statement says.

Over 36,000 people have signed the UltraViolet petition since its inception late last week.