Roger Colley


he is the highly-acclaimed author, Roger Colley, whose new book,
the novel, “In Three Days,” is capturing America…it’s the gripping story of two zealots intent on planning to destroy America by spreading the Ebola virus…the attack date is another 9/11…the year is 2021…the zealots plan to strip the U.S. of its electric power and communications…here’s a book that’s bound to become a movie

google Roger’s name and get more info on him and his previous
book, “A Truthful Myth,” that dealt with global warming

The pitch is that most Americans are rightfully concerned daily about their job, their family, and then want to enjoy their social life. But someone has to prod the government to always protect us – their duty. So my role is to discuss national issues our governments have to take seriously, like opening their minds to climate change more intelligently and on another topic preparing for potential terrorist attacks. In Three Days is more a concern of 1] biological warfare in general, not just Ebola. Scientists believe we have classified only 1% of all the viruses in nature. Can they continue to jump from animals to humans? Can fluid spread viruses mutate to become airborne? Can scientifically-advanced terrorists genetically alter pathogens to be more virulent? 2] Russia and the U.S. have already exploded small electromagnetic pulse bombs over a small area in the Pacific Ocean. They work, and a large bomb exploded over the U.S. would be devastating. What is the Defense Dept. doing about it?