Rose Colombo, a return visit


Rose Colombo, award-winning author and radio host seen on local and national TV – Heard on major and local radio shows interviewing politial personalities such as Sen. John De Camp, Ca. Senator Dick Mountjoy, Dr. Alan Keyes, and a multitude of well-known experts, authors, lawyers, and community leaders. Rose Colombo and her book, published in 2010, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” was featured around the world in magazines, legal newspapers, Veterans newspapers, and sold worldwide. Rose is listed in the book, “Who’s Who of American Women,” and “Who’s Who in the World.”  She’s been awarded the Jeannie Angel Away presented by The So. California Motion Picture Council.  Rose’s poetry has been published and awarded with  Bronze medals and Editor’s Choice. She’s currently heard every Wednesday as the host of “Colombo Chronicles Live” on Blog Talk Radio….Rose Colombo’s been a business owner as well as an Advocate for Justice whose passion for consulting with victims of legal abuse also known as injustices led to her writing a self-help book published in 2010 entitled, “Fight Back Legal Abuse.” Rose has consulted with hundreds of victims who ended up victims of legal abuse and provided them with steps on how to become a survivor of  legal abuse. Currently, Rose is working on the second edition as well as a trilogy that will reveal the her true stories of legal abuses that led from the courthouse, to the State Capitol to the White House.