Rose Colombo


her latest book is a political satire, “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks and Radicals”—ask her to define each in her own style

subtitle of this book–the legend of how the Judeo-Christian Dinosaur Nation Was Depopulated and Suffered Extinction–have her elucidate

she is an award-winning author (recipient of the IRWIN Literary Award
from the Book Publicists of So. Calif.) with an earlier book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse”–subtitled How to Protect Yourself from Your Own Attorney

yes, she’s quite a battler for human justice–which comes into focus on her Mon./Wed./Friday talk show over the Freedomizer Radio Network (heard worldwide)

before hosting her own show and writing books, she was a top executive in the beauty industry for several years — she now resides in So. Calif.