Ryan Morris


Virginia native Ryan Morris met renowned singer-songwriter Chris Gantry while working in a music shop in Nashville. After hearing Morris’ indie pop demos, Gantry introduced him to the Lamon Records team. With raw talent and enigmatic charm like Ryan’s and a recommendation from Gantry, Lamon was excited from the start. The Belmont student began recording in late 2014 and his two song EP is available now.

“Legendary songwriter Chris Gantry kept bugging me about this “kid” he wanted me to hear,” says Lamon President and CEO Dave Moody. “When I finally took a listen, I was blown away with Ryan’s smooth silky voice and super catchy tunes. We can’t wait to see what happens when music lovers hear how talented he really is.”

Ryan’s first single, “Hospital,” juxtaposes a bouncy melody and floating vocals with a heavy subject. The B-side to his project, “The Wash,” is different take on young and restless escapades. The project explores two sides of the same coin with memorable melodies in an inexplicably current style that is all Ryan. The project was recorded at Quad Studios Nashville and vocals were cut at Kingswood Studios.

The music video for “Hospital” portrays a surreal trip to the emergency room after a wild night. After collaborating with the Lamon team on the look at feel of the video, Ryan’s unconventional and artistic edge was well executed with the one-take video. His hope is that the project becomes a showpiece that gets people talking.

His songwriting style is stream-of-consciousness and his voice is light and easy on the ears. Ryan recently performed at The New Nashville Showcase where audiences were charmed by his smile, impossibly cool personality, new originals, and a creative cover of “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift.

Ryan’s EP, “Hospital,” is available on Amazon, iTunes, and everywhere music is sold. His first single of the same name can be heard on radio stations across the country. The music video for “Hospital” can be seen on the Lamon Records YouTube page. For more information on Ryan Morris and other Lamon artists, visit www.lamonrecords.com.