Same Day Facelift


Dr. Pericles Lantz

TOPIC-Stem cell facelifts offer patients an alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery. Non surgical face lifts are accomplished by removing fat cells from the abdomen or another area of the body and injecting them into the face to smooth out wrinkles and improve the overall fullness of the face. Fat cells are naturally loaded with stem cells, and once these cells are injected into the face, they quickly develop into facial fat cells, regenerating the face and erasing signs of aging.

Meet Dr. Pericles Lantz · Founded the Anti-Aging & Laser Medical Associates · Partner at the Bergen County Spine Clinic Spine & Joint Center · One of the few doctors in the New York area who perform cosmetic stem cell facelifts · Fellow of The New York Academy of Medicine · Graduate of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Date Recorded: 10/3/2012

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