Sammantha Ryan Chandler


“I Seen an Angel”

Samantha Ryan Chandler, Inspirational Christian Novelist and Amazon Best Selling Author of “A Love Story, How God Pursued Me and Found Me” opens up about her 3 encounters with an angel and explains how it unfolded. Do you believe?

Angels are incredibly pure spiritual beings of unconditional love and light… So what do angels look like? What makes angels unique? Does everyone have an angel?

Inspirational Christian Novelist Samantha Ryan Chandler reveals her spiritual past and opens up about the theory of angels in our world! Samantha Ryan Chandler is no stranger to life’s difficulties. In her book, A Love Story: How God Pursued Me and Found Me, she imparts her story of divine support and revelation throughout many years of turmoil, abuse, heartache, and disappointment from childhood through motherhood.

Anyone having endured trauma in their life will instantly appreciate Chandler’s struggles and rejoice in the clearly portrayed moments of divine revelation.

About Samantha Ryan Chandler:

Samantha Ryan Chandler was born in a colorful, town in Louisiana. She has lived in the Top Level of wealth and has also felt the bottom of poverty. She experienced poverty to the point of wondering when she would eat next and has dined with two United States presidents as well as governors in their mansions. She writes of seeing an angel three times, of God’s hand holding mine once, and of peering deep into Satan’s eyes. Her book is full of scriptures and God-given promises.

A series of divine interactions led Samantha to impact a wider range of people than ever before when she co-founded Children’s Cross Connection (now known as Childspring International). Together the two of them brought hundreds of children with life crippling and life threatening ailments and afflictions from developing world countries like Ethiopia, the Philippines, Haiti and others to the United States for donated surgeries.