Sarah Petrella


Sarah Petrella

TOPIC-Geza X/Paul Roessler-produced Sarah Petrella Joined in Studio by Ben Harper Musicians Rhythm section Jordan Richardson and Jesse Ingalls play on demo Los Angeles – Ben Harper rhythm section Jordan Richardson (drums) and Jesse Ingalls (bass) performed on the new three-song outing by fledgling singer/songwriter Sarah Petrella. Produced by veteran studio personnel Geza X (Dead Kennedys, the Germs, South Park Chef Aid, Black Flag, Meredith Brooks, Redd Kross) and Paul Roessler (Nina Hagen, Josie Cotton, the Germs, Gene Loves Jezebel) at their Kitten Robot and CityLab Multimedia studios, the three songs include the originals “Summer,” “Time Stands Still” and a cover of Pearl Jam’s “Daughter.” The three songs will be completed by late September.

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