Saving children!


Everyone should be concerned! Let’s discuss why we need to focus on empowering youth and families. Here are national stats:
– Cost of child abuse and neglect…$220 A DAY! (Source:
– Cost of gangs, average age 14…200 Billion a YEAR! (Source:
– Cost of human trafficking, average age 13…$32 Billion a YEAR! (Source: Humanrightsfirst)

I have lots of information to strengthen families and neighborhoods. Ideas to discuss:
– 79% of children are exposed to porn on the internet and only 25% will tell an adult. The average age is 11. 3 things parents can do today to keep kids safe.
– There are 370 million guns in circulation. What we can do to reduce guns and crime in our cities.
– What citizens can do to help stop gangs and child sex trafficking. Who is vulnerable? What to look for and what to do?

As a crime and violence prevention specialist, I see how these costs affect everyone. I discovered why some abused and neglect children succeed while others turn to self harm (drugs, crime, violence and suicide). As a victim of child abuse, at age 15, I was abandoned in Mexico City and I didn’t speak the language. I later worked with the homeless and they inspired me to write, “Empowerment Parenting: How to raise resilient children who become happy, self-reliant adults.” I learned what they never learned as children. The Safe Kids Now Network taught classes and adults got jobs.