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Shawn White

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Hi There First I would like to welcome you to my site. It is very strange to write about myself as my main focus is on you and how I can help you achieve the goals that you have set yourself. Like most people in life I’ve had my fair share of life experiences and this in turn has taught me alot about overcoming my fears and setting challenging but achieveable goals. I believe that each one of us possessses the ability to master their own life, and that we have within us the tools and abilties needed to carry this out. It is this belief that we can change our lives and have the life we want that has propelled me into the world of self-help. From when I was about 20 years old I can remember being fascinated by those who were successful and those that seemingly weren’t. At the time circumstances had almost forced me to examine my life and start my own journey of self-discovery. I read books by the great gurus of our time including Paul Mckenna, Tony Buzan and many of the eastern type books and law of attraction. I remember being intrigued that these people made it sound so easy to have your goals and achieve them. They made it sound so easy to change your life and have the life you wanted. On my journey I worked for several different government organisations, that included teaching unemployed people how to improve themselves, and market themselves to potential employers. It is an area I have much experience in. I also worked for 18 months in the Jobcentre, as a personal adviser. It was here that whilst seeing clients that they would often comment on how easy I was to talk to, and that I would make a great hypnotherapist. I guess from that moment on, I decided to embark on probably my most challenging part of my journey by far, a hypnotherapy diploma. At the time, and before starting the course I wasn’t convinced by hypnotherapy and whether it really worked. After a year of studying and doing assessments, I realised that hypnotherapy could offer a very valuable way for people to improve themselves, and master their lives. I had proved this to myself by using hypnotherapy to help me de-stress quickly, and I learnt how to tackle my own fears and insecurities. So once again welcome to my site, and I hope to show you how you can really master your life, if you are ready for a change. Thank you, and don’t forget you can call me for free on 07826287366 to discuss any questions or concerns you have. So I would like to welcome you to the break through the fear site and look forward to showing you how to get your very own break through. Testimonials? You will notice that I don’t show testimonials from my clients, this is because I believe to do so may breach my clients complete confidentiality. Catch me on twitter: Click Here Catch me on Facebook: Facebook Fan Page Email: or just use the contact us tab on this site above. Catch me on google plus, just click the blue link and be sure to follow me and add me to your circles:Find us on Google+ I am also registered online with Date Recorded: 10/14/2013

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