SNL Alumni Victoria Jackson Invites Readers To An Inside Look at Her Life in Is My Bow Too Big?


Victoria Jackson

TOPIC-Is My Bow Too Big? (White Hall Press, September 18, 2012) by Saturday Night LIVE! alumni Victoria Jackson is more than truthful…it’s a close-up, raw, unplugged story of her life.
Discover how she came from growing up in a conservative home…to gaining the attention of Johnny Carson…to six seasons on the irreverent SNL!

Victoria writes, “Every actor is waiting for that perfect role, the one that will catapult her into stardom. It might never come. Or it might come and go and then you need another one.

A Mysterious Voice called my Laurel Canyon home one day and said they were from Saturday Night Live. It sounded like she said her name was Dyna-Mina, a Looney Tunes name. I still don’t know how she got my home number. Victoria heard the SNL producer say, ‘Your audition was very funny, but I’m not sure you are so strong in characters.’ Then, he stood up and started ushering me to the door.

All the way back home I relived this odyssey. ..Then, I realized I was booked to appear on Johnny Carson’s show in two weeks. I’ll continue my audition on national TV!

A week later, Mysterious Voice called and said, ‘Congratulations, you are now in the cast of SNL. There is a plane ticket waiting for you at LAX. Your flight leaves tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.’ I calmly put down the phone.”
Instead of standing back at a safe distance…Victoria doesn’t just tell her story…she invites readers inside.

About the Author
Victoria Jackson grew up in a Bible-believing, piano-playing, TV-free home in Miami. Her father coached gym, and she became a talented gymnast, even acquiring a college scholarship to Furman University. When Johnny Crawford (The Rifleman) met her at a summer stock production, he encouraged her to pursue acting and bought her a one-way ticket to Hollywood. For two years, she held odd jobs in the show-biz capital…as a cigarette girl, waitress, and even typist …until Johnny Carson noticed her stand-up routine and put her on The Tonight Show … twenty times! After that, she starred in many movies and TV shows, most notably six seasons on Saturday Night Live. In 2012, she began her political webshow, The Victoria Jackson Show. Is My Bow Too Big? is available is at

Date Recorded: 9/17/2012

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