SOMEONE IS OUT TO GET US: A Not So Brief History of the Cold War


We live in a time where paranoia—our collective fear of the unknown—has replaced good judgement. A time not unlike the Cold War, where cults of personality flourished and common sense escaped us.


Brian Brown’s SOMEONE IS OUT TO GET US: A Not So Brief History of the Cold War (Nov. 15) is a riveting exploration of the delusions, absurdities, and secrets of the Cold War. Final copies just landed, so let me know if you’d like to check one out!

In SOMEONE IS OUT TO GET US, Brown captures everything from the creation of the V-2 Rocket in the 1950’s (and America’s red-carpet treatment of the Nazis who worked on it) to the late 1980’s when a 37 year old lieutenant colonel named Vladimir Putin saved himself and his family when he bluffed his way past an angry mob that had gathered outside the Russian embassy in East Germany when the wall fell.

Brian can discuss the similarities and differences in the political climate, as well as the pitfalls of American presidents in times of crisis then and now. Fun topics include:

The Big Lies of The Cold War vs. “Fake News” today.
Roy Cohn, his coverups, misinformation campaigns, role in the death of Ethel Rosenberg and his mentorship of a young Donald Trump.
The mysterious suicide of the first Secretary of DefenseJames Forrestal caused by paranoia fomented by the Right and unrelenting personal attacks form the Left.
How our proxy wars in South America during the Cold War continue to be fought today.

From UFO’s to LSD to Richard Nixon, author Brian Brown covers the long-misunderstood period of history during which lies, conspiracies, and paranoia led American’s into a state of madness and misunderstanding, too distracted by fictions to realize that the real enemy was staring at them in the mirror the whole time.