Stan Weisleder 5/26/2020


Stan Weisleder was an actuary for most of his life. But that’s not all.

1. He was a Detective with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for 23 years working with the Child Abuse Unit of Special Victims and was the oldest one to have graduated from the Academy. He wrote a screen play about his experiences and if anyone is looking for a story with slam bang action and a love interest, call him.

2. He wrote the only novel about the four squadrons of black fighter pilots during WWII that had to fight two air forces in order to be recognized, the Luftwaffe and the US Army Air Corp. The real story.

3. He is coming out with his latest, “The Dogs of Brownsville”, a story told in Godfather fashion about a group of guys, and some girls, who make it out of the slums of New York and get to Las Vegas in time to participate in the changing of the guard from the Mob to Howard Hughes to Corporate America. You don’t want to miss this one.