Starr and Dagger


Star & Dagger

The band was formed with auspicious beginnings: Sean and Dava were drinking late one night with the legendary Lenny Kaye and he declared: “You two must start a band, I see it!” They took his word and set to it. Smokey blues made of dense guitars, swarming onto a heavy groove, strung together by Von’s towering, and sublime vox.They’ve attracted much attention, selling out their first show in LA and opening for High on Fire, Helmet, Eagles of Death Metal, Down and Saint Vitus and a just came off of a UK tour. Star & Dagger’s first recording is a 12″ vinyl titled “In My Blood” on the boutique label Last Hurrah Records. They have a full l.p. “Tomorrowland Blues” recorded at Rancho de la Luna, produced by Ethan Allen and Dave Catching, and mastered by J. Yuenger (White Zombie) to be released July 23, 2013 on Cauldron 333/Megaforce Records. Their video for the song Your Mama Was A Grifter was directed by Art Haynie and can be found on YouTube. Date Recorded: 9/5/2012

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