Steve Liddick 10/20/2015


For nearly a half century, Steve Liddick was a broadcast journalist, starting in St. Petersburg, Florida,

finding his way to Los Angeles where he was news director of K-Earth Radio (KRTH); later as a news

anchor on the RKO Radio Network in New York.

By the time he retired in 2008 he had written 3 unpublished novels, a camping cookbook and a memoir

of his broadcast career. The first to be published is the just-released science fiction novel titled, “All That


Steve and his wife, Sherry, live on a ranch near Sacramento, California, with their horse, three donkeys,

a Jack Russell terrier, and five cats.

“All That Time” is the story of Ted McBride, a 55-year-old university computer science professor. Ted is

divorced, has a teenage son he doesn’t understand and is living a dull, lonely life. Bullied as a youth, Ted

still suffers from low self-esteem. He has often said, “I wish I had known everything as a kid that I know

now.” Ted’s friend, Arnie Hoffmeier, a fellow professor who is involved in a top secret time travel

project, offers Ted the chance to go back 40 years in time, inside the mind of his 15-year-old self, to see

if the knowledge, experience, and maturity Ted has acquired in the four decades since would have made

a difference in his adolescence.