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TOPIC-Shift From Chaos To Clarity So many entrepreneurs I meet have great ideas but lack a concrete plan and, therefore, have difficulty taking precise action. Many are opportunity seekers, not strategic
 entrepreneurs and fail to achieve the success they desire. Running from client to client and project to project, they’re tired and find themselves constantly spinning their wheels digging a deeper trench where they currently exist. A friend of mine, Allison Maslan, recently shared with me her story of how she built a highly successful ad agency in her early years, but totally hit the wall because she ran her company by the seat of her pants. She consistently operated in REACTIVE mode and rather than creating a vision for a highly profitable company and working to realize her defined objectives, she was burned out and couldn’t take one more day of the stress. So she did something drastic — she walked away from everything — scrapped it all, started over, and made a solid commitment to change.

 The result: She went on to build 9 vibrant, exciting, and highly profitable businesses. Now she wants to teach you exactly how she did it, LIVE on August 7 for FREE! There are two times to choose from: 12-2pm PST or 3-5pm PST. Allison’s 6 Steps to Grow your Business, Live Your Passion, and Make Your Millions is a must attend live event that will provide a powerful new perspective on how to take your business to the next level. Here’s the link to register: I strongly believe in Allison’s teachings and am a compensated affiliate of her products and services. Please let me know your thoughts on her FREE presentation. Live bold and prophet!

Steve Olsher is the author of Internet Prophets: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online, the 2010 “Self-Help Book of the Year”Journey To You, creator of Internet Prophets LIVE!, host of Reinvention Radio, and founder of The Reinvention Workshop. His focus on helping people discover, and create a plan of action for pursuing, their WHAT—the one thing they were born to do—affects positive, permanent change around the world.
Steve reinvented his own life in 2007. While sitting bedside with his step-father who was gravely ill, Steve was holding his hand and had a profound vision of his own funeral. The words spoken graveside haunts, and drives, Steve to this day…
“Here lies Steve Olsher. He dedicated his life to chasing the almighty dollar.”
These words hit him hard and it immediately became clear that his life to that point was of benefit to him, and those closest to him, but no one else. Though he had experienced financial success as a lifelong entrepreneur, he still felt unfulfilled.
The next day, Steve began a 180 degree shift so that he could share the tools, shortcuts, and principles that have helped propel him, and others he shared this knowledge with, forward and began shaping his legacy to not only have positive impact on those who share this lifetime with him, but also on those of lifetimes to come.
These efforts led to the release of Journey To YouA Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Who You Were Born to Be (USA Book News’ “Self-Help Book of the Year”), the launch of Reinvention Radio, and the creation of The Reinvention Workshop.
Steve is known as “America’s Reinvention Expert.” His unique, no-holds barred methodology blends ancient wisdom with revolutionary lessons from modern thought leaders. These teachings, combined with his unique, proprietary exercises and singular approach to realizing permanent, positive change, form a proven system for ultimate achievement in business and life.
Steve is a highly-acclaimed leadership and reinvention speaker, seminar leader, and sought-after media guest. His message—that we each are born with an inherent blueprint that we must heed in order to make an inordinate difference in both our life, and the lives of others—transforms people across the globe.
Steve lives in Chicago with his wife Lena, and their three sons, Bobby, Isaiah, and Xavier—who remind him every day why his motto (and forearm tattoo) is “Let Love Rule.”

Date Recorded: 10/1/2012

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