Subject: 1: Exciting Breakthroughs For Cluster Headache Sufferers Announced At The Upcoming 14th Annual Clusterbusters Conference


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While most people experience headaches at some point in life, nothing compares to the excruciating pain of cluster headaches. These are unbelievably painful, debilitating headaches that are so severe that those inflicted with them are twenty times more likely than the national average to commit suicide as a way to escape the pain.

Clusterbusters is a patient advocacy and educational resource group who are also very dedicated to advancing research that directly affects cluster headache patients. This year, they will hold their 14th Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas.

We are available for interviews to discuss breakthroughs in the treatment of these devastating headaches, or to provide information on the conference. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Clusterbusters website address:

For more details on the event, please read the following press release. Thank you.

President Bob Wold
Conference Chair Eileen Brewer

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Exciting Breakthroughs For Cluster Headache Sufferers Announced At The Upcoming 14th Annual Clusterbusters Conference

Austin, TX, August 21, 2019 ― The Clusterbusters 14th Annual Patient Conference, likely to be the largest gathering of cluster headache patients in history, will be September 19-22 at The Embassy Suites by Hilton, DFW North, Texas. Bringing together patients, their families, doctors and researchers to support and educate all involved, Clusterbusters also advances research, advocates for improved treatments and collaborates on legislative changes needed to end needless suffering and financial inequality.

Clusterbusters is uniting the voices of the families suffering from this debilitating disease. Cluster headaches, nicknamed “suicide headaches,” have a suicide rate 20 times the national average. The pain is so severe that most people suffering from the disease hide their suffering from family, friends and employers; celebrities and sports figures hide their condition for fear of losing their high-paying jobs.

Clusterbusters is directly involved in supporting exciting new research to be featured during the weekend conference. Presentations will include discussions on the state of the headache community, information about new and upcoming treatments, and information on current and planned research. Inspiration is the theme, highlighted throughout the program, commencing the evening of the 19th with registration and a cocktail hour reception.

For more information and conference registration, please visit:



Speakers include:

• Dr. Brian McGeeney
• Dr. James Martinez
• Mr. Joseph McKay
• Mr. Mark Massullo
• Dr. Elizabeth Loder
• Ms. Christina Treppendahl
• Ms. Nicole Hemmenway
• Dr. Emmanuelle Schindler
• Mr. Kevin Lenaburg
• Dr. Nate Bennett
• Dr. Mark Burish
• Dr. Shivang Joshi
• Mr. Dennis Pohlenz
• Mr. William Mingus
• Mr. Bob Wold
• Mrs. Eileen Brewer

Many more speakers will be announced soon and will be posted on the event pages.

This event is made possible by Clusterbuster sponsors: Eli Lilly, ElectroCore and 2FunGuys.